MeltyTW #wingnut #transphobia #homophobia #fundie

i never realized just how miniscule breadtube really was and how astroturfed the push for it from youtube to replace right wing content was. i checked their sub counts and i think donught operator alone probably has all of them combined counting vaush xanderhal even bigger ones like contra and hbomber maybe pushing it including philosophy tube. seems like any right wing leaning channel that wasnt banned for being too political too often is just leagues more popular. they dont understand the "rw pipeline" was just peoples natural preferences and the only artificial pipeline is breadtube and hasan where corpos try to lead their audience to tainted water and make them drink.

and even then hasans only popular for the same reason kpop stars are, and even then iirc hes starting to be eclipsed by people like kai cenat who openly hate trannies and tranny faggots.

edit forgot to say what prompted me to glance at views and subs was hearing alot about xanderhal only to see him with apparently under 100k subs.

edit edit apparently not homophobic just told some faggot to not mock christianity and some people got uppity because he almost said the faggot word, because someone can mock your sacred holy beliefs that inform your entire life and unites you and a community of worshippers but forbid you almost disrespect cocks going into bumholes. silly me i forgot that in current year words (like homophobia) dont actually mean things.



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