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[Serious] Why are American Leftists suddenly sticking their noses into other people's bedrooms?

Remember when leftists were the good guys who mobilized against evangelical nutjobs trying to control what goes on in other peoples bedrooms? Remember when they protested the Iraq war, shat on Bush and occupied Wall Street? Remember how profane language used to be their trademark when they mocked Tipper Gore and her army of church moms who attempted to slap a PG13 on their favorite metal album? Whatever happened to those guys?

Today leftists will unleash the hounds on you for a bad joke timing, or dating someone below 25. Mob justice used to be a retards sport, it was something confined to the dark ages, not long ago it was synonymous with bigotry and narrow-mindedness. Two things the left used to vehemently oppose. They constantly stick their giant long noses into other peoples lives, sniffing around peoples social media, eagerly trying to rat them out for the most banal of (micro)transgressions. Claiming you're fighting for basic human decency, while in reality you're on a sadistic power trip whenever you sniff out a sinner to mercilessly drag through one of your public struggle sessions is the current state of woke praxis. There is a weird narcissistic pleasure present in every moral grandstanding. No exceptions.

And why are honest, hard working, god fearing americans allowing themselves to be pushed around by horders of lumpenproles? The people who are getting fucked the most by these cyber-lynchings are the people the left used to agitate for, it's the average working Joe that is now getting fired from his minimum-wage job because he failed to update his vernacular that would please some purple haired UCLA alumi with a chip on their shoulder. When will burgers learn to just start doubling down on all the accusations?



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