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[Blackpill] People have no intrinsic value

I find it hilarious that in our modern society where everything is commercialized and evaluated according to the laws of supply and demand, people still believe in superstitious bullshit like that everyone has some invisible intrinsic value independent from their usefulness to society. This idea is promoted by the highest echelons of society and usually framed as "human rights", namely that everyone, no matter how pathetic their life may be, is entitled to basic rights just for being born as a homo sapiens. This idea that human life is valuable and worth protecting in itself is the ideological basis for all the bluepilled platitudes we get to hear daily:

"Don't care about what shallow women think, you are worth more bro :soy: "
"True confidence comes from within :soy: :soy: "
"Being a 30 year old virgin doesn't mean you're a loser, you just haven't found the right person yet :soy: :soy: :soy: "

In reality, everyone's value is assigned from the outside and regulated by supply and demand. The higher the demand for you is, the more valuable you are. Conversely, if the demand for you is zero, you are absolutely worthless. This also applies to the labor market: the value of your average wagecuck is very low as he can easily be replaced by millions of other people. The value of a genius CEO on the other hand is high, as he can not be easily replaced.

Want to know your value? Then think about how many women want to be with you, how many corporations want your labor skills, how many people in your life do you have to whom you are an irreplaceable existence. If your answers are "none, none, my mother" then congrats, you are basically worthless.



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