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( @phlfie )
@PNN Everyone involved in the plandemic must be publicly executed for crimes against humanity along with all their co-conspirators!!!

( @TheLastRealMan )
@PNN Anyone who prides himself on compliance is an automatic fail on the Milgram test.

( @Dreamaholic )
@PNN I have yet to meet any vaxxers who have said anything like that. The ones I know are still arrogant pricks.

( @Abel_T )
@Dreamaholic @PNN - Yeah, agree. Even the ones who privately know they fell for it and took the kill shot and fully endorsed the authoritarian insanity, still can't look you in the eye.

They know innately that what they did was wrong, but they just can't bring themselves to admit to it.

Frankly, at this stage, I don't give a rat's arse what they think or do. I've completely disconnected from them over the last couple of years, including many friends and family, and I'm not going back. They showed their true colours, and I know I can never trust them again.

( @John_Madison )
@PNN I have no sympathy for any of the idiots that took the govt poison, and that includes my brother who's in a nursing home and my dead uncle. Both were warned and both listened to fox jews.

( @gthousandaire )
@PNN Ain't that the truth. My rat-bastard neighbor and former "amigo" tried to get the county to force me to comply with the vaccine mandate by ratting me out to them. When that didn't happen, he told people in the small community where I live that I was a "super spreader."
Now he's on, what? shot number 6 or 7? booster number 4? ...and the monkeypox shot because he's such a miserable faggot. WTF.

( @Bertadude41 )
@PNN leftys only actually humane when they feel weak. Never forget. Ask yourself where would unvaxxed be if we let them. That answer is scary as fuck.

( @253 )
@Bertadude41 @PNN history pretty much shows what would have happened and may still happen. They will murder as many bad thinkers as their blood lust allows and establish labor camps for the rest.

they can't be given amnesty, pardoned or excused. The kind of people that are still doing this are worse than cancer to the world.



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