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RE: [News] Mary Kay Letourneau, teacher who had sex with male student and later married him, dies of cancer

I was always jealous of this dude, even when I was a child when this first made headlines. He was lucky to capitalize on being sexually groomed by a above-average pedo woman, while he still had a baby-face halo, and locked her in by impregnating her TWICE as a TEENAGER. This dude would have been an ethnicel if this pedo woman never gave him a shot. He's a fucking DJ at 36, never held a real job, he would be laughed off of Tinder if he tried today. But the fact is, he IMPREGNATED his hot teacher at 12. In that moment, he became more of a man than any man before him. If you have mindblowing sex that young, you don't need to achieve anything else in life.

Even as a child, I knew what this dude achieved was special: he made a woman ruin his life for him. She abandoned a Chadlite husband, abandoned her kids, went to jail for 7 years, lived the rest of her life as a sex offender, and even after all that she said it was worth it. You might say she is a post-wall roastie with kids, but even at 55 she has a better figure than most 20 year olds, and I find the idea that a woman would abandon her family and go to jail just to be with you hot, and is proof of true love. Volcel af if you wouldn't



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