Basilpern #fundie

Well there's many ways to demonstrate what you're saying you don't think can be demonstrated. For one thing there's information in the biblical texts that couldn't possibly have been known by the authors at the time they wrote them without supernatural influence. Take a look for example at the Egyptian medical journal roughly from the time of Moses called "papyrus embers" and compare that to the regulations Moses said he got from God on Sinai to protect the Jews during this wilderness wandering years and as they came into the Promised Land. You'll find it very specific protections that are unexplainable apart from an understanding of microbiology. For example detailed instructions for how to deal with mold and mildew if you find it in a home. Detailed instructions about different diseases and how long people should be quarantined from the camp who are suffering from them. Detailed instructions about how to deal properly with animal entrails and human feces. etc etc. The instructions are what we understand is safe in the 20th and 21st centuries and really no other time before that in no other culture before that. Or you might want to take a serious look at biblical prophecy about the land and nation of Israel specifically, or the Messiah Jesus the Christ. Extremely specific prophecies in the Old testament books on these two big themes in the Bible were filled and are being filled in our time today in such a way that coincidence is not a reasonable explanation



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