Vijay Prozak #racist #wingnut

And who is behind this decline [of Western civilization]? Who has brought it upon you, whether willingly or not? Soon you will know. In the meantime, it's important that we again address Mr. Linder's idea ("DEATH TO THE JEWS," remember?) and question whether or not the Jews are responsible for our plight. It seems unlikely, since their appearance is relatively late in the cycle, and they don't yet control everything, although certainly their prominence in the news-entertainment media, finance and government is troubling. This article isn't an apologetic for the Jews; clearly they do not belong in Western culture, as their values are entirely foreign to ours - their materialistic dualism does not match with the healthiest of European beliefs, cosmic idealism, and is in fact diametrically opposed to it, to the point that whenever a Jew opens his mouth to speak "ideology" you should be assured it is harmful to you - and should be ejected by any means necessary. It's definitely not an attempt to praise them, since while they've done many good things, this is in part a result of their having relentlessly self-promoted and passed over capable goyim, such to the point where it's natural they have accomplished some good things, because they hold disproportionate amounts of the positions required. But on the whole, have Europe's fortunes raised or lowered because of the Jews? Greater divisiveness, neurosis, infighting, and ugly hook noses - Europeans are becoming Jews, from the looks of things!



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