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Reject the evidence of your eyes

( LunarWolf )
Anyone think that maybe all those law and policy makers are pushing this so hard because it mentally prepares us for authoritarianism? If they can get us to believe that the obvious man standing in front of us is a woman because he says so, then we have lost touch with our most basic ability to trust ourselves and must always turn to outer authority to tell us what to do and what to believe?

( haruspex )
The last time I suggested this, I got called a tin-foil hatter conspiracy theorist 🙃

( kalina )
Yes, at this point it really feels like a social experiment to see how far you can push people.

( bossythecow )
I absolutely do. I think the massive success of trans ideology cannot be solely attributed to sexism. I think there are opportunistic powerful people leveraging this ideology because training people to ignore their instincts, shut up, toe the party line, etc helps consolidate global hegemonies. It also divides and weakens the left and removes a potentially massively powerful source of resistance (women united) from the public sphere. Call me paranoid, but if you know anything about information warfare, it makes a terrifying amount of sense.

( Amareldys )
I sometimes wonder if it is a psyops by the far Right or Russia to discredit the left

( VirginiaWolfberry )
Recommend watching Hypernormalisation by Adam Curtis.

( bossythecow )
I don't think trans ideology was created whole-cloth as a psyop, but I do think it's being exploited and leveraged by those in power who wish to weaken the left, hence the absolute explosion in prevalence in discourse over the past 5-10 years.

( TheactualNovember )
Yes. It's Maoist as fuck. Big pharma and the western medical complex also has a stake in this because transhumanism could be very lucrative.

( TheactualNovember )
I would say that's absolutely correct.

( Amareldys )
Yes. I wonder that all the time. And it makes me seriously question voting democratic... not just because of the harm to women and feminism, but because it seems like they're trying to get us to deny reality across the board.

But the republicans have Trump... and keep rolling back environmental protections...



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