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( @Nature_and_Race )

I learned racial awareness by going to black and brown majority schools when I was really young.

And I learned very, very quickly that blacks and browns only respect one thing: Violence.

The only way to stop a violent black attacker, is to defend yourself with a greater amount of violence in return.

@Nature_and_Race I went to a nearly all black high school and I would never put my daughter through something like that.

( @sometimescanbefunny )
@Nature_and_Race Can confirm that growing up in a nigger public school is an excellent way to learn racial realities.

We're not the same. We've never been the same. We will never be the same.

( @Redneck1Hillbilly )
@sometimescanbefunny @Nature_and_Race

And, how to fight, situational awareness, and most importantly: Around blacks - never relax!

( @Donina )
@Nature_and_Race it’s hilarious that all these dumb boomers created a generation of race realists by putting their kids through diversity school in the name of “learning to love diversity”. Talk about Hitler’s revenge.

( @Heartman )
@Nature_and_Race I grew up with blacks. There are a few that are oreos, but that is at the most in the single digits. Even the 20-30% who can function in white culture, understand the difference, will still back and excuse their fellow George Floyd type blacks every time. If you are a Black American, you have been convinced of the victimhood of your race and the necessity of racial solidarity above everything else, regardless of your personal experience and interaction with whites.

( @Redneck1Hillbilly )
@Heartman @Nature_and_Race

The true nature of a/the black: is revealed when you're with them, and a group starts chimping out with you as an intended target of their aggression - then, you'll find out if your black associate is naxalt.


( @TransAm0914 )
@Nature_and_Race When I was in middle school my father and I were in the school office to register me for classes. We heard screams coming from the hallway and what we saw was a black chick with razor blades in her afro fighting with a White chick and her fingers were literally hanging off. Needless to say I did not attend that school. They are feral animals.



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