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… Jessie Czebotar is in fine form in this video… Beyonce has taken position of High Priestess from Gloria Vanderbilt… Madonna is Grand Dame Priestess…

IITM: Why are these satanic decode updates so important? On the surface one might think, “wow, what a waste of time”… however, these same ones, may know how the world operates around them, and how a collective of secret societies have amalgamated together in their final “Great Reset” plan, to slowly strangle the life out of every innocent being, and all lifeforms on the planet, if you really want to know, AS DEMONSTRATED IN ‘GHOSTTOWN’ VIDEO AND EUROVISION CONCERT.

You do know there’s very likely graphene oxide already in our environment and we may be breathing in technologies that permanently enslave us.

Few dare to stop them.

You reading these words, have little support around you… and the zombies haven’t even risen yet… they have yet to turn the dial to ‘bake’ on the cell phone towers.

Now Madonna is likely on a 40th world celebration of death, bigger than Prince Charles coronation… and the masses are utterly clueless. It will not be a concert… it will be a black mass of death and sacrifice… and will feature of course her satanic snuff song, “Like A Prayer”… GUARANTEED!

Can we do something about it?

The darkside’s plans to turn humanity into a race of cyborgs is well underway…

Absolutely, we all have the potential to alter any timeline… but few humans dare to, know how to, or want to resonate with true inner power. If humanity can resonate collectively with INNER POWER… then we cease to be controllable…



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