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@ElfReich LOL, in the movie do the mermaids riot, and demand entitlements from Dolphins, or other sea creatures?

@ElfReich Every black girl's dream..... appropriate white European cultural images because they have none of their own.....

@ElfReich rewriting history... starting with children... They aren't just inserting their culture, they are removing yours...

@ElfReich They destroy everything made by us because they have nothing of their own worth destroying.

@Volcanic84 @ElfReich They have to make something first though. Look at Africa, the only thing there is tribes and gangs. They don't make anything of their own so of course they're gonna destroy our stuff. #Whiteisright

@ElfReich the opposite of whitewashing is shitstaining - may this shitstain help sink disney

@ElfReich the difference between nig and white is

@ElfReich Can you spot the fried chicken?
Took me a minute.
Hilarious meme!



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