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RE: Engineer Uses A.I. To Race Swap Woke Mermaid & Gets Twitter Ban

As a white male, the antiwhiteism in the woke culture today has saved me a ton of money. One more product to add to my boycott list.

So wait a minute Disney is allowed to race and ginger swap the main character in Little Mermaid but when someone else restores it back to the original race and ginger, that's racism?

As a non-white guy, I 100% approve. It’s pathetic that the fans have to do what the “professionals” cannot. I’m tired of the race swap bullshit from creatively bankrupt losers who can’t form an original idea to save their asses. Why create an interesting, or funny, or sexy character of your own when you can just change the skin or gender of an already established character?

(Casey Kellogg)
They've removed the male love interest from this and ALL future Disney projects because they don't want to promote heterosexuality. That's much more disturbing.

Imagine throwing a hundred million dollars away so you can call the right a bigotisophobamatic. That's some high-motivation craziness.

(Joe Momma)
Someone should make a horror movie where black mermaids show up and destroy your fast food franchise.

(The Globertrotter)
Salty: "Why does she have eyes like a hammerhead shark?"

Me: "Oh thank goodness I'm not the only one who thought of that!"

Like seriously are they TRYING to make blacks look weird?? Wouldn't be surprised if Prince Eric took one look at that and ran the hell away.

(Luke Jackson)
I personally love the fact that they aren’t holding back on the wokeness and BS, if they started to backpedal then the normies would continue to give them more and more money, but this is waking up people en mass, keep the woke shit coming!!

(Whitworth 5S)
I was "meh" before when I first saw the race swap because I'm just so burnt out on Hollywood and desensitized.

But seeing the pretty face that could have been the live action Ariel, I suddenly realize black Ariel (Blariel?) looks like Sid from Ice Age.



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