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Is having porn st*rs saved on your phone the 6th pillar of Islam?

Reza Ebrahimi, explains how Persian nationalism is just seething over the fact that they were conquered by Arabs

Many Persian nationalists believe they had spaceships before the Arabs conquered them


No one cares about the Arab conquests at all.

You see a Persian by the name of Abu Tahir Jannabi invaded Mecca, taunted Allah in his holy land, beat pilgrims and taunted them with Quran verses, dumped their bodies in the Zam Zam well, then stole the Kaba and used it as a 🚽.

That's all they care about

You have these power fantasies about how you're gonna "get back" at the Muslims

But Islam has won, cause Muslims have higher birth rates & atheism does not. Look at Turkey, in 100 years kemalism has been undone, same for Iran

It gets even better not only did Abu Tahir completely humiliate Muslim pilgrims. He even found a “Mahdi” in Iran called Al-Esfahani. Turns out he was a Zoroastrian nationalist that burnt Qurans and revitalized praying by holy fires.

Where is Zoroastrianism now? I mean he revitalized it right?

This is the coping and seething that Reza Zia-Ebrahimi talks about, it's a form of escapism

The simple fact is that Islam is evolutionarily the best at surviving, Eric Kaufmann explains here:


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>coping this hard

You have these internet power fantasies, yet where is the evidence of that happening in the real world?

I can say Islam will be one of the most dominant forces in the future, and cite evidence for the world moving in that direction






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