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Yes, Bonacci is a creepy non-human occultist. But that doesn’t mean he’s lying to you about this. He gives one of the most detailed and intuitive, dot-connecting presentations about the theoretical mechanics and inner workings of the toroidal vortex emanating from the Black Sun that projects our sun and moon upwards and onto the plasma belt of the Firmament(the vacuum of outer space does not exist) which casts these sun and moon images at specific heights in our atmosphere through the opening at the North Pole to the Hollow Earth. Both the sun and and moon are LOCAL objects projected onto the concaved dome of our oblate spheroidal Earth/Terra plain or Crater I should say. The Crater Earth Theory lines up nicely with all this as well as Godgevlamste goes into great detail about the plasma belt and some of the more specific logistics of this complicated and admittedly still-working model.
This Black Sun ⚫ has always been a pretty big deal and has been historically spoken of in the same breathe as Agartha and Hollow Earth AND we know that the Nazis were obsessed with the damn thing. So this revelation shouldn’t be that surprising. But it’s not like I ever would have figured it out on my own.

As far as Masons being these “master builders” and stone masonry magicians of sorts, that’s easily one of the more obvious of the many lies they’ve managed to somehow pass-off as historical fact over the decades. Have they ever showcased these “elite Masonry skills” in a live setting? Lol.
The parasitic EL-ite controllers are clowns and phonies. They are the “phony Phonecians”. They inherited everything. It’s called FREEmasonry because they literally got all those beautiful buildings that were built by and for giants, FOR FREE after the last reset. They were the winners of the war(or perhaps the lone survivors of a cataclysm) and had the opportunity to re-write history in their favor and to suit their agenda and motives moving forward.



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