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[Serious] I am jealous of children dying from cancer

Title. Just think about it... this little peaces of shit, are the center of attention, their whole blissfull little lifes. As if life is one big birthday party to them.

They will never:

- feel invisible

- suffer from depression, ptsd or loneliness

- worry about height, frame, face and what not

- experience bullying

- ldar for years or decades

- wageslave

- have oneitis rip their hearths out

- fully realise what they are missing out on

Everyone just pampers them from birth, until the moment they die. An entire team of experts makes sure, that they dont suffer more then they have to. Some will even meet celebrities or high level politicians.

If they somehow manage to hit puberty, iam sure some empathic stacy nurse, will at least let them touch their ass and/or show boobs to them. I wouldnt be shocked, if she even gives them a handjob or head. Well.. who knows, she might as well let them fuck her, so she can virtue signal to her chad boss.

This is real privilege.

Where can i sign up for that???



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