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Well, you have all heard this.
They say that a picture is worth 1000 words, right?

Well, our problem is, clearly, that we cannot explain National Socialism, or WW2, or Adolf Hitler, or the USSR, or Historical Revisionism, or Zionism, or Racism and Fascism in 1000 words.

In the artwork that we upload there will always be some one that will critisize us negativelly because he/she doesnt have a full view of the picture, a view as rich and full as we do anyways.

I dont think that we can explain a whole lot in 1 picture, but only in several hunderds of thousands of words.
It is the reason of why i dont go into full argument mode with every idiot i see, and you dont as well because even if you do say "Hitler was 1, 2 and 3" they are always going to respond "yes but what about 1, 2 and 3?", and this can go on forever.

I am still buffled, on how we could successfully evade all this propaganda. None of us was born with the ideas of national socialism in his head, and yet we arived here.

It would be easy to say that we are just smarter than the others, (which we most probably are) but the problem is that the majority of the world is quite clearly not smart.

Yes we may be alot, yes we may be right, but we are still the minority.

What the hell are we going to do about all this!?
Hell, if it wasnt for the internet we would probably believe that 12 million jews were gassed and the turned into lampshades and soap! We would still doubt the numbers and methods but only on a theorhetical level, we could not have access to all this information to support our arguments, even if we had any arguments.

This is all just, random thohts clusterfucked together because every time i go on this debate i usually loose because i just need time to explain all this. I cant keep it short and simple to explain the truth! Why? Because no one actually cares about that! No one cares if jews were gassed, or whatever, they just know that its "bad" although its a lie.
They fail to see the importance of events that are over 70 years old to and their connections to our times, adn our way of life, our Television our films our newspapers! Everything!

Ach! I am always thinking about what could happen if true National Socialism was to rise again but i fail to see just HOW this would happen. Are arguments are so complicated for the average mind that we will just be dismissed as evil because no one wants to hear that what they have been learning their whole lives was lies!



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