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RE: [Story] I witnessed a Chadlite get a gf. It was unreal.

This happened at my university quite some years ago. I was doing a project with a fellow student. (Inb4 "mogs me for having friends": we were assigned on the project together.) He was a pretty cool guy, but he was obviously more handsome than me, definitely a Chadlite.

One day we were working and some chick approaches us out of nowhere to ask him what we were talking about. He gave an unsuspecting answer, and it quickly became a conversation that I was witnessing first-hand. Long story short, she gave him her number and they went on a date. Last time I saw him they were in a relationship.

It literally just happened to him, right fucking next to me. I thought I was taking crazy pills. Never once did she acknowledge me, while all he had to do was exist. It's still brutal to think about tbh.

I have several, much more brutal experiences where I have witnessed right beside (including withing 40 centimetres) when an asylum seeker (Iranian, Iraqi, Afghan) or foreign student (Pakistani) has gotten a Finnish GF of multiple years (one couple in particular I saw together many times, after a few years still they were together, and it was an Iranian asylum seeker (I know his claim got rejected, but he has simply made new applications, maybe even claiming homosexuality to get approved!)). These are one of my worst memories ever and will remain so. I will regret the rest of my life not doing something, not trying to kill the invader on the spot.



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