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Before the show you said that the woke was crazier.

Yeah, I think I could've been on Fox News, like, North Korea is not even this nuts. Where do I even begin, but, in North Korea by the time when I was born, the revolution happened such a long time ago, people are not passionate believers of communism, they just fear being executed.

i'm worried that we're headed in that direction, you know, with censorship, with big tech, with people scared to speak out.

Yeah, this is how the revolution began right, because, I mean, at Columbia these kids genuinely feel like they are so oppressed, they get triggered, they actually cry right, by the injustice they feel, how they are so oppressed and they are the victims, and they're not faking it, they really, really truly believe in the thing. What makes me so sad is that North Koreans have to be brainwashed because we don't have any
information. Here, on the tip of your finger, you have entire history, what Stalin did, what Mao did, you know where this road has taken humanity, but these people are so completely brainwashed they think white men are the source of every single evil that we have.

I think it's scarier to me, that you can warn us and say, "Hey this is how the revolution started in north korea. Hey, this is what it's like when you have this communist totalitarian system." and no matter how many times we scream it, there are a lot of people in this country that reject the idea that your warnings matter, and they actively pursue these situations. I suppose they think they'll be like the higher caste, maybe those who live in Pyongyang, but they'll probably just end up being the farmers on the outskirts who are executed for speaking out improperly.



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