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I can’t help but think the timing of this Supreme Court “leak” about cancelling the Roe v’s Wade abortion case is a little suspect.

Mid terms are not far away, how can dribbly pedo Joe Biden get more of a voter turnout to favour the Democrats???

Ahhh yes, the contentious issue of abortion rights which splits the USA in half ideologically.

Shall I take my tin foil hat off now????

Well.. it used to be that women did not act like whores and screw every men who gave them a beer. It used to be that women were virtuous, but that has been destroyed by "Woman's Lib" and other Leftist policies, like abortion on demand, taking away a woman's responsibility to be a rational adult. Much of this has been the influence of foreign "Migration" and undercutting our values by our own black citizens, spurred on by Democrats. Democrats are and always have been Communists from the very start, and have always wished to tear down America, all while lying through their collective teeth about how virtuous they are.

The "you're pro-life until the baby is born" line always gets me. I'm very much anti-murdering babies. I'm also very much anti-everybody but you paying for the consequences of your actions. It's not my job to take care of somebody else's kids. It's also not my fault if women whore themselves out because "sex feels good, so you can't expect people not to have sex" (yes, I've had that one thrown at me). Oh but I can expect that, because if a person can't control their base urges, they are nothing but animals. The human ability to show restraint and rise above the "natural man" is what makes us human. I don't give a shit if something feels good, you always have a choice whether to do it or not. I've heard injecting heroin feels good, doesn't mean anybody should do it.

Hope it's ended to hell with what these baby murderers think ! No one has a right to infringe on anyone's right to life , it's called murder you morons and it's the most barbaric ways !



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