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I don't know what to think. Was it real? It certainly seems not. But I still like to think they had in mind a Final Solution. Jews are parasites. In order to us Aryans thrive we should get rid of all threats to our civilization. Don't ask me how, where or when, but it has to happen. Let me show you an example: Spain was populated by the Visigoths (I'm Spanish). In the year 711 the Jews we had previously sent away came back bringing an army of their Semitic friends the Moors to conquer our lands. We fought back for 7 centuries in the Reconquest. Men died everyday for us. In 1492 we finally won the Struggle. We killed or sent away all Moors and Jews, and we set strict antibloodmixture-laws. If my ancestors hadn't killed the invaders, I wouldn't be here. So sometimes it is necessary to be brutal if that will save our Race.
Sorry for the long comment!

DepressedNazi: Nah it's fine. I agree that something has to be done about it. There is a reason why ((they)) got exiled from so many nations, it was never for no reason. They are considered to be the most presecuted race and there is a reason for that. The FS however never happened - look at the link to the website I put there and see for yourself. I can also personally send you photoshoped images proving furthermore if you still aren't convinced, or possibly upload them.

DepressedNazi: *persecuted I mean lol. And to add. The FS is just a trick they pull to try and get sympathy from people they've even admitted it. To victimise themselves shout out holocaust again and again and argue that they were persecuted by hundreds of countries for absolutely no reason. Our ancestors knew of these 'people' and their tricks they even had fairy tales characters depicting them (goblins) our ancestors were not as stupid as people think but modern Europeans certainly are! Most of us have become extremely gullible and blind.



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