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JFL Bluepill logic is extremely easy to debunk

literally apply the 'stop being a wom*n hater online / shower and get a haircut bro' mentality to anything other than attractiveness and it sounds retarded

want to be a theoretical physicist when you grow up? just study hard bro :soy:
want to be a writer when you grow up? just practice writing bro :soy:
want to be a basketball player when you grow up? just practice and you'll succeed bro :soy:

in most of these cases even bluepilled fags will admit there's something biological which prevents the average tranny from becoming Tolstoy, Beethoven, or Newton, but for some reason the only place the biological determinist argument is said to account for basically 0% of the variation is attractiveness and sexual success, it's retarded, and self-evidently untrue

Bluepill is based on the Just World Fallacy: people get what they deserve and, with enough effort, you will archieve your dreams. The truth is, some people are more talented than others, taller, faster. Can a 90 IQ people end up becoming an engineer? Probably not, but if he does, by the time he graduetes his peers will have 10 years of experience.

normies will admit that a 90 iq retard will never become a physics professor, but won't admit a 2/10 balding manlet simply cannot find a woman who is attracted to him, sounds like gigacope on their part but its something about psychology and projection most likely. people dont want to believe their material selves and their lives are determined purely by genetics, they'll accept its genetics for the brain but won't for social function, etc



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