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RE: Woman Brutally Attacked by Another Woman in North Philadelphia Shares Horrifying Experience

Black assailant beats white woman for dating a black man.


I NEVER heard of a black woman speak positive about interracial dating, marriages or otherwise.

Even Hollywood rarely shows black women dating blonde heroes. But every mandatory black movie hero must have his trophy blonde

This is the feel good story of the week! It also leaves the left in a difficult position; attack a BIPOC for racist behavior or ignore a lefty female being physically attacked for doing what the media told her to do!

No. The great feel-good story of the week is one I saw a couple of hours ago about police in Texas getting a frantic 911 call from some illegal aliens who said they were being smuggled in a closed tanker and were running out of oxygen. The dispatcher tried to get their location and what the tanker looked like, but couldn't. Finally, the extremely distressed caller let go of the phone and spoke no more. They were never found - not yet, not rescued. There were supposedly up to 80 of them inside that tanker. Now that really made my day!

Hey, why don't we amreners pitch in together, buy a sealed tanker, and go into the illegal-alien smuggling business?!

(Robert Kelly)

I applaud the negress who did this.

I wonder how the white woman looked? I don't think the black woman would have been triggered if the white woman had been fat and obviously unattractive.

(Fed Up)

In “fairness” to black women they would hate white women no matter who they date. The weight, hair, temper, femininity, intelligence, etc. issues makes any friendship impossible.

White women are almost always smarter, better looking and a much better catch for a black male than a female of their own species.



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