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Blackpill - The cost of the material wellbeing and safety of Western society is social-dissatisfaction at the monkey-brain level

The trajectory so called Western society started on 3500 years ago or whenever has resulted in a sort of social environment that's cognitively taxing and unsatisfying given human mental endowments which were developed under the evolutionary ancestral environment. This is an old insight spoken by Freud and probably by countless others. Even your Stacies and Chads feel this dissatisfaction. I'm not sure what the solution is because from a competitive point of view it's the case that this social arrangement produces the best material output and therefore best defense industry. If you think ethno-nationalism is the solution then why do people of Japan talk of having this feeling of waiting for the world to end (I read that somewhere)? They too are living among strangers and most of the time merely enduring rather than having absolute belonging. Basically, I really think native Americans and similar peoples really had it good despite the higher risk of getting tomahawked in the forehead.



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