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Sissy Hypno Porn - heterosexual conversion therapy?

I've been reading a lot about this sissy hypno (hypnotic/hypnotherapy) porn, I've really fallen down a rabbit hole with it, never heard of it until recently, but from what it's saying this appears to essentially be a form of conversion therapy for heterosexual men to basically change their sexuality and or gender identity. I don't know if it's been mentioned here before as am new. But my point is, why is this being distributed on legal porn sites if conversion therapy is illegal? Even YouTube has videos aimed at converting heterosexual men to being gay, there is a video "straight to gay in 15 minutes" and similar. Videos of this nature aimed at hypnotising gay men want to be with women are not allowed, but they are allowed to host material with the aim of hypnotising straight men to want to be with other men? Is anyone trying to tackle this or has there been any legal cases? I can't find anything through searching.



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