Prussian Society of America #racist

[From "Americans will not recognize they are losers until they go Bankrupt, Unlike other Nations"]

As a Nation that is gleefully committing suicide, the Americans have been so drunk on power and out of touch with reality, they don’t even know they have been failing and losing for so many years

At least with other Barbarian Nations, a typical Barbarian Nation is aware of its inferiority as a people

Americans on the other hand just respond, “We try, but we’re not perfect!”

They are about to become the sorest losers on the planet, along with their British Counterparts in the continuing decline and takeover process we are under, but these people are so far gone that until the day they wake up to realize they have nothing, only then will they bite their lip and admit the fact that they are losers

They have been losers in denial for quite a while on every account, in fact

The only thing America is #1 in is in Diabetes, Obesity, Starting New Wars and Exporting (Offsetting) Monetary Inflation

Humiliation will be the dish cold served to the Americans

When they lose – and they will not fight back – the world will have absolutely no respect for them any longer, not even a crumb of respect, and nobody will have any regard for them



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