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The FBI should have been dismantled the moment their first director was discovered to be a cross dressing faggot who was being blackmailed by jews and Israel

The FBI should've been dismantled the moment they unironically decided to go after parents at school boards meetings, who were protecting their children from the death jab, groomers and pedophiles.

@EB_ JE Hoover was a sick faggot doing the work of protecting sick faggots. The FBI is wholey corrupt, just like every other 3 letter agency.

It’s called affirmative action for sexual predators, it’s more powerful than the one for minorities and that’s how the government now hires. Pedophiles get hired right away, straight men, especially white, are not to be hired……

@EB_ Any politician or military service personnel/civilian law enforcement/ criminals with badges that has taken the oath to defend the Constitution against enemies foreign or domestic in the past 100 years has all committed treason to that oath and to the Constitution of the United States and the people thereof and deserve nothing less then death



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