The Rev. Steven Roland #fundie

Sermon 8: Staying Vigilant

By The Rev. Steven Roland

I’m beyond blessed to be sharing the Word with everyone here again. I want everyone here to be aware of this. If what I say does not match up with God’s Word, chuck it. If it’s in line with God’s Word, then keep it. God and His Word are one and the same and is the ultimate authority, not me or any other pastor.

There are many threats after our young people these days. The Xboxes and iPads and the internet are all competing with parents and God for our kids’ attentions. The PRC has kids so addicted to TikTok that they can’t even pay attention to something for more than one minute and instead stay glued to these videos of weird sexually suggestive dances and other sinful or otherwise distracting content. YOU MUST KEEP YOUR CHILDREN IN THE FAITH AND OUT OF THE CLUTCHES OF THE PRC AND WESTERN SINFUL WOKE LIBERALS AS WELL! CAN I GET AN AMEN?!!!!

Our children are being exposed to pornography at an early age. One such example is this wicked sinful modification of an already occult game called “Doki Doki Blue Skies” that features both Ouija boards and pornographic depictions of two of the female characters! It’s a lurid lustful insidious wicked abomination!!!! If you aren’t aware of what your kids are up to, how are you to keep them in a walk with Christ?!!! Kids see porn online and then they start thinking they can change genders or even species! Transsexuals and “furries” are after your kids!! Stay vigilant in Christ!

This applies to adults too!! “March Madness” is upon us and adults are going to sports bars and indulging in unhealthy foods and alcohol and going home to indulge in non-medical cannabis and other drugs!!!! They have sports and sports stars as false idols or they go to cinemas to partake in celebrity worship or to concerts like those of overweight over the hill washed up socialist rocker Bruce Springsteen! Paying $5,000! Then going home and ingesting more cannabis! CANNABIS IS ONLY APPROVED BY GOD FOR MEDICAL USE!!!! NOTHING MORE!

We MUST stay vigilant for ourselves and our children because we are truly living in the last days where our creepy perverted president has us on the brink of nuclear annihilation to protect a neo-Nazi sodomite country with a comedian for a “president”! God’s judgment is coming extremely soon!



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