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I've been aiming to get Muslims on board with the Men's Movement, but som far I am failing. Despite its shortcomings, Islam has a much healthier sexual morality than feminist Christians. They are not so stuck-up about age of consent and haven't picked up the female sex offender charade. It's hard to imagine someone like Jennifer Fichter being persecuted in a Muslim country, and if she was, at least they wouldn't sink to the idiotic level of pretending she was "victimizing" the boys. It is much more honest to have a morality where certain acts are simply considered immoral because God says so, not because of some pseudoscientific victimology. Nothing pisses me off more than the creation of fake victims, and nothing is more absurd than pretending boys who get lucky with older women are victims. No Islamist has ever done anything as offensive as that crap yet, to my knowlede, so feminists and their enforcers remain the most execrable monsters on the face of the earth



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