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In the heat of battle, as well as the Arizona and Texas heat, it doesn’t take long for a committed soldier to remind himself that he still belongs to the human race. By the time I returned to Arizona, I had lost almost 15 pounds. That’s when I got the virus. Now, still in recovery, I’ve had my moments of questioning the sanity of so many pursuits. But only for a fleeting moment.

Then I thought about President Trump who seemed to run on indefatigably with a schedule that made mine look like a stroll through the park. And then there are my medical colleagues who so graciously are caring for Covid patients with early treatment, despite receiving the brunt of constant insults, numerous investigations, threats to livelihood, family stressors, discouragement, and trying themselves to survive in the evil pandemic world. Granted, the narrative of the sinister pandemic plot seems to be gradually crumbling, but the warriors who have held the lines of battle are still very few in number. Heroes are made, not born.
This is only because when man loses his fear of God, all true courage is lost. If man will not defend his own honor, how then can he expect to defend his brother’s freedom? It simply is impossible. Self-sacrifice comes not initially from one’s heart, but from one’s experience. Anyone who has tasted of the goodness from the cross of Jesus Christ knows this fact to be true. An army’s strength comes from its leader. Only a love for one’s leader will nullify all fear. And only a perfect love casts out all fear.

The art of self-sacrifice is now all but lost. But it needn’t be. That’s just what America needs right now. Self-sacrifice. We must call upon the Mighty Warrior who granted us favor in the dawn’s early light, The Great Warrior King who strengthens the soul against all enemies. And we must avow to conquer the enemy within—the enemy called fear within our own hearts, and then the enemy within our very borders.

Ye who would—rise up now! Now is the time!



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