metabuxx #sexist

[LifeFuel] It's my older sister's birthday tomorrow and I'm fucking glad she won't be able to celebrate it

Every year on her birthday she, her Chad boyfriend, her friends, their Chad boyfriends (some even have Tyrone boyfriends) they all hit the beach, go shopping, go to bars or lakes where they get drunk and party like its the end of the world. Then they have a sleepover in one of their friends house where she and friends obviously get DP'd, gangbanged and creampied by BBC's and Chads.

BUT NOT THIS YEAR. NOT THIS FUCKING YEAR. Canada is in complete lockdown. All the bars are closed. Everything is closed. And my parents won't allow her to sleepover at someone else's house. No drinks for her. No Chad dick for her. FUCK YEAH.


Now she'll know how it feels to be alone and hopeless. How it feels like to be live without having fun and sex. I'VE BEEN WAITING FOR THIS DAY FOREVER. WORDS ARE NOT ENOUGH TO EXPRESS HOW HAPPY I AM.




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