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They wanna do WHAT to Magneto and Prof X?!
[url=https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gvBwYvUT1fE]Marvel & Disney Looking For Black Professor X & Magneto - WHY?[/ur]

yeah sure, Turn Magneto into a black man, like that's any worse than when he was in a CONCENTRATION CAMP IN THE COMICS DURING WW2!!! JUST SHIT ALL OVER THAT TRAGEDY TO PUSH YOUR OWN AGENDA WHY DON'T YA!

Also..doesn't having Prof X as a Bald, Black Man in a Wheel Chair sound...I dunno, maybe a smidge offensive PLUS sound like they gave back Fury his eye and made him crippled?

At this point, I think Disney is trying to cause Social Unrest. No really, make your favorite white character into (Insert race here plus add in Changed Gender and sexuality) and you got the perfect stewing pot for people blaming other people existing for ruining the characters.

For Christ sake Disney COME UP WITH BETTER IDEAS OR BETTER YET...USE THE BLACK CHARACTERS YOU ALREADY HAVE!!! WHAT NEXT?! YOU GONNA MAKE WOLVERINE GAY TOO Oh yeah that outta go over Real well with The Fandom, for crying out loud, his alternate gay counterpart in the comics is pretty much forgotten at this point cause that was just a stupid idea.

And no offense Stan The Man, but your original idea for Wolverine to be Gay...I'm sorry but that was just a STUPID idea. You cannot have a burly wildman like Wolverine be gay but I'm sure (NOT counting YaoiFans cause FUCK THEM) everybody would be grossed out to high hell if there was a Make out scene between Logan and Sabretooth and yes, you're all welcome for That HORRIBLE mental image.

Now I'm not being Racist or Homophobic here, I wanna see black characters in comic book movies...But ONLY THE ORIGINAL ONES! Like Miles Morales, Blue Marvel, Night Thrasher or Icon from DC.

Gay Characters...I'm just not a fan of them so I couldn't give Two shits whether or not they showed up. But Gender/Race/Sexual Orientation swapping already established characters is BS.

For gods sake Disney...Get your fucking act together You Fucking Morons.

If you somehow agree with their choices...I think you need to have your brains checked out cause this is becoming a bigger and bigger pile of Shit by the fucking minute.

Okay Rant over, go back to your stations people.



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