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RE: Harvard Poll: 80% See Border Disaster, Want Trump Closure Restored

Don't like feeling this way, but every time I see video clips of "unaccompanied minors" in shelters it makes my blood boil. Hoards of low IQ, future hate-whitey types, with negligent parents who expect The Land of Oppression and Racism to provide babysitting services while they break the law. Am pretty sick of being civilized and nice.


The dems have 3 problems that no amount of anti white straight male propaganda is gonna solve.

A: blacks dont like open borders
B: hispanics dont like crt
C: neither like trannies in women sports or bathrooms.

Its a house of cards that is collapsing.

The negroes view non-white illegal immigrants as another ally against the white man. If most illegals were from Eastern Europe for example, both the Hispanics and negroes would be on the southern border with guns and nobody would get through.



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