Saoirse #transphobia

Fury as woke council flushes the word 'mothers' from its guidance on 'new and expectant parents' for staff who have given birth or are breastfeeding... 'including transgender people' | Daily Mail Online

At this point I feel like we are on the way to create a society where females are these subhuman creatures whose bodies are used for baby making and sexual "needs". "Woman" is meaningless, everyone can be a woman. Magazines, fashion shows, advertisments, beauty contests, woman of the year, they all full of TIM, and they are much better women than these inferior females!

"Menstruators", "people with vagina", "cervix havers", "uterus carriers", "non-prostate owners", "birthing people", this has a meaning. They are not women. They are subhuman females. Such inferior creatures can elevate to human, though, if they identify as men or non-binary. Then it's a "pregnant man", not "pregnant person" or "birthing person".

But then how do you distinguish between these inferior females and these superior females who have human status? Well, first, you don't call them females. This is dehumanising. Second, they do not have female parts. They do not have vagina, this is a front hole or a bonus hole. Don't say they have uterus, cervix, volva. That's extremely offensive. Even if they carry a baby, don't say they have uterus. How dare you. And they are not breastfeeding, they are chestfeeding.

I can't forget that TIF Syven who had two babies (one was a surprise) and said the following:

'You're a pregnant man sitting around a whole bunch of females, looking at you like "no, it can't be," or "why?" Or "is it possible you're faking?"' he explained.

(She is talking about waiting in the waiting room for the OB-GYN while being a pregnant TIF who looks like a man, and in this waiting room were other pregnant women, who looked at her in a WTF kind of way because she is visibly pregnant but also looks like a man.)

A whole bunch of females. Bunch of bred female animals. She is a "pregnant man", but these females? They are inferior. They are just females. Bunch of them.




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