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To any sane person, Black Lives Matter (BLM) must seem bizarre. It is a racist Marxist movement pretending to help blacks but actually hurts blacks and everyone else. Where would such a crazy idea come from?

I know the answer because I attended orthodox synagogue and I understand Judaism. Judaism is the source of the ideas behind BLM. Judaism is a racist religion that pretends to be anti-racist. So now let's compare BLM with Judaism.

BLM accuses anyone who disagrees with it of being racist against blacks. Judaism accuses anyone who disagrees with it of being antisemites.

BLM takes advantage of useful idiot whites and Muslims to support BLM to their own detriment. Judaism does the same with stupid Protestants.

Both BLM and Judaism are working to destroy western civilization. BLM is just a Jewish tool for this purpose. It is supported by Globalist and Leftist Jews. Hopefully this explains what BLM is all about.



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