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I remember watching a movie that dramatized a wedding in India between a 15 year old girl and an 80 year old man. In the movie it showed the girl crying and the intent was to make the audience feel bad for the girl. At the time I did feel bad, and I felt like it was barbaric that such things took place in parts of the world.

However my perspective has since changed. I do still understand why a 15 year old girl of any culture would be averse to marrying an 80 year old man. But if I were ever to find myself in the position of an 80 year old man being wed to a 15 year old girl, I would absolutely go through with the wedding, despite the girl's unwillingness. I would feel fully justified in doing so, even though I know it disgusts her. I would say "it's about time" and then proceed to have sex with her, consensual or nonconsensual, and then I would inseminate her with the intent of impregnating her, and propagating my genes.

I have suffered enough. If I ever get the opportunity to sexually ravage a prime teen without consequences, I would absolutely take advantage of it, without hesitating because of her feelings or her unwillingness to go through with it. I have suffered more than she has. I am better than she is. Consensual or not, I deserve to be able to sexually ravage and inseminate her.

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A majority of the “Norman” retards on the internet spewing bullshit out of their ass about politics and/or the war, 200 years ago wouldn’t have even given a God damn about any of this bull shit :feelsseriously: and since they weren’t connected to a hive mind of faggots :soy: , niggers, foids :foidSoy:and other ideologies they’d probably be a lot more based than they are now. :feelsjuice:

The only people in office for the most part during the true Republic era of the USA were mostly unattractive older established White Men. :feelsokman:

The people who voted for these old unattractive men were other established unattractive older White Men who had a family/stake in the society, part of the majority race and religion in the country and the pioneers of said country. :feelsthink:

Now you have a bunch of fucking Nigger Rayrays and Pookies running once major hubs of Western Civilization In the WORLD!

You have a female Vice President :feelskek: who is openly Anti-White and on top of this she’s willing to free a Russian Criminal “the Merchant of Death” :feelsohgod::dafuckfeels: for a dike nigger sheboon arrested on drug charges who plays for a dead sport league that’s subsidized by the Male NBA.:feelshaha::feelshaha::feelshaha:

An old senile and vile woman named Nancy Pelosi just splitting up the country and sparked the beginning of the Cold War with China to…”make a statement”.:feelsPop::feelsPop::feelsPop:

A retarded old beta male as president which was rigged :feelsrope:but many women and even northerners and west coastfags (from the city) voted for this bullshit because the retarded Jew on the TV Late Night and News entertainment show for city slickers told them orange man was terrible and a dictator! :feelsUgh:

Need I say more? :hax: