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Why homosexuality should not be normalized
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One, said kids do it because it’s trendy. All their friends are doing it. The mainstream media presents it as fashionable or glamorous to fuck those of the same sex, or to be willfully confused about what’s between your legs and hard-coded into your DNA. To sexually identify as an alien hermaphrodite with a barbie doll crotch. We do think of kids as being rebellious and so quick and eager to stick it to the man, or those in authority.

The only problem is, kids tend to only direct that rebelliousness towards their parents. Not towards the man, nor the establishment, nor towards crony capitalism, except maybe in word. As much as we like to make fun of the regressive left for pretending to be edgy and rebellious despite having BEEN the establishment for a decade or longer, it’s easy for children to forget that. Many of them lack the maturity or the experience to understand that they are not being “liberated” or “freed” or being “authentic” or “true to themselves.” They’re just tools, being manipulated by demagogues in the public schools, popular culture, and the corporate mass-media.

Their propensity for being rebellious might be idealism or naivety, but it’s just as likely that they’re simply angry with their parents because their parents are less likely to indulge them in their bullshit than other adults in their life.

Many of them will gladly accept any authority figure in their lives other than their own parents. An even more extreme example being the youth that were manipulated into committing terrible atrocities during the Cultural Revolution in China. Familiarity breeds contempt, after all.

They also make war on reality, since so many of them have existential or identity crises in adolescence, and too many parents do a shitty job at keeping them grounded during that tumultuous time. Almost as if they have forgotten what it was like to be a teenager, are too boomer-ish to stay in touch with the present day and the new challenges that teenagers have to face that they themselves never did at THEIR larval stage, or just plain don’t give a shit.




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