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RE: SuicideFuel The incest prohibition destroyed me

[quote"@Total Imbecile thoughts?”

Based, I have yet to hear a valid argument against incest. People focus too much on "b-but muh inbreeding genetic defects". Cool, if youre just having sex for fun with no end goal of reproducing then thats not really a valid argument

even for reproduction can take multiple generations to cause problems given the family doesn't have any recessive/very bad genes. you can check Ptolemy Cleopatra bloodline, a shit ton of sister brother incest for 5-6 generations yet not negative problems and we're always able to find heir.

inbreeding effect go both ways. it can amplify bad effects, but can also compound good effects. it all depends on what particular genes got combined.

Jews are good example, they have done cousin marriages for generations as result they have very High IQ manipulative nature and strong community ties. but also have nasty noses and mental illness risk being higher than the goyim.

Pakistanis and Arabs are an example of where cousing fucking amplified bad genes and they had literally no good genes to begin with creating hundreds of millions of shitskin Subhumans deplorable trash with no redeeming qualities.

a good example is my mother, apparently cousin marriage was a thing in her bloodline for past 3 generations, guess what she ended up schizophrenic, has fucked toes on one foot and is low IQ, just smart enough to be functional with Jew pills. should have been sterilized



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