Sclavius Scotus #dunning-kruger #racist #wingnut

My son has blue eyes, pale skin, and blond hair.

But, somewhere back in the family tree, we must have had some black or blood mixed in.

To give him a head start, should I start to create a record for him now as being "black" by consistently checking off his identity as black?

The left claims race is simply a social construct, without biological meaning. My social construct -- the boy is black. Now, give him stuff and let him cut to the front of every line.

How did that work for Rachel Dolezal?

It got her a job. Probably more.

I identify as Solutrean.
Pay me.

You are white. Race is real, except for white people, and when BIPOCs have their IQs measured. /s

Who does the US government actually represent and work for?

It actively works against the interests of my family and my peers.

If our government no longer represents our interests, it is no longer our government.

I said it -- the US government lacks legitimacy. It should be resisted and subverted.



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