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RE: Peaking my mom - Need your help!!

( Calidris )
Like others say, it may just take time. It did for my mum, and I'm terminally impatient so you can imagine how much I tried to convince her.

Ive Had tremendous success peaking people with information on the following:

- gender fluids: lots of people will "be kind", so if they feel a man is genuinely distresses and actually trying, he should be allowed in the women's spaces. But often people don't know about gender fluids, men who want to be women today, then men, then women, then both. Lots of people find that flippant and disrespectful. Ive peaked two people with this knowledge

- autogynephilia: this is what peaked me so I keep trying it but not as successfully, sadly. Most people seem to plain not believe it.

- penises: this is how I peaked most people. Did you know that male transgenders are 85% straight, and 95% bepenised? A "be kind" will be open to penisfree men in their spaces, but a hetero penis man? Only the most delulu wokes are in favor of this

- children: they're chemically and physically castrating children and cutting healthy breasts off of 13 year old girls. Ive Been very successful with this one

- female sports: mostly peaks men ironically, extra bonus for males with daughters

Good luck!!!

( overanddone )
Men in women’s sports.

Most people peak because they have something happen in their life. Other than that, the most obvious to anyone except TRAs is “men in women’s sports”.

( Dee )
I'd suggest to send her something from a mainstream source she already knows and trusts that's short and highlights something simple such as — the Dutch protocol wasn't built on solid science; there was no control group.

Much of this stuff is so crazy that people simply don't believe it. If it comes from rad fem sources, they think it is propaganda and not true. Find whatever she already cares about, whether that is children, sports, or violent threats made at rallies where TRAs stage counter protests.

( Cubone )
The fact that most "transwomen" these days are ugly straight men with a fetish can get women paying attention. Most people still think TIMs are hyperfeminine gay men.

Even as a peaked GC woman, I still don't really care about most HSTS TIMs since they're generally not the ones who are a danger to women. All AGPs are psycho to women, especially lesbians.



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