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[From “Belle Delphine Releases Kidnapping and Rape Porno Titled “My Perfect First Date””]

One of the moral problems I have when promoting that women should be beaten and raped is that actually, women love this.

British e-girl Belle Delphine is probably the world’s most famous (and richest) pornographic actress because she’s really good at pretending to be 12 (which itself brings up some complicated questions I won’t address here). She recently released preview photos of a porno she’s releasing on her OnlyFans where she gets kidnapped and raped in the woods by a man in a mask.
What this actually is is a bunch of beta males who want to believe that women are princesses, and have their minds blown when they are forced to face the fact that actually, women just want to be kidnapped and raped.

For most of history, kidnapping a woman (typically what we would call “a girl,” actually) and “ravishing” her (there was no concept of “rape” until recent times) was considered a valid way to begin a marriage.

All of this stuff we are taught about human sexuality is really a huge part of the massive scam that is modern society. Basically, everything we are taught about both female and male sexuality is a lie. There is a reason that we used to have sexual taboos, and rules around sexuality, and it wasn’t because our ancestors were backward superstitious barbarians who were yet to read and truly comprehend Herbert Marcuse.
It is actually good that soyboy fav e-girl Delphine put out this porno shoot, as it is basically dropping a bomb on the established lies surrounding sexuality in our Western culture.
We already know that the family has completely collapsed as a result of the theories of these Jews about sexuality. But maybe as a reduction of a complex social phenomenon, this offensive pornographic material is more powerful than that in making people wonder if perhaps, we’ve made some mistakes during this ongoing sexual revolution.



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