ONE world order #racist #sexist

Hey at least the black man has the BBC 9+ incher and a high testosterone level going for him unlike the white man with the lower testosterone levels and lower sperm count. Black men are giga chad's by nature. White women are drawn to them for a reason because they ooze masculinity. White women always cheat on their husbands for that BBC quality meat once in a while. I'd gladly supply them too if I was a black gigachad. A lot of white husband's are becoming cuckold's for a reason my friend.

The white man simply cannot compete with these physical specimens from sub saharan Africa, they dominate sport for a reason too. I'd rather have been born as a black giga chad than white in this society, that's for sure. I'd have an endless supply of puss y. This is ancient law. IQ means jackshi t in the grand scheme of things. This is 100% animalistic.

Black Americans are fearless, White Americans are cowards and are virtue signalers.



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