Various Commenters #transphobia

Hey cissies, our boundaries are valid, but yours are not

( actualdyke )
"not all boundaries are valid" exactly what i expect to hear from a group that believes lesbians and gay men should subject themselves to corrective rape or else they're bigots lol

( La_Terfa )
Lol, "trans women" are literally men, the biggest danger to women. Putting on a dress doesn't change anything.

But it's great to hear them saying "Not all boundaries are valid." Show your true colors, deviants and rapists, this way we don't need to make an effort to uncover your nature.

( GraceHoward1729 )

"when all the stats and research shows"

Ah yes, I shall take your word for it, random Tumblr boundary-violating incel, rather than the actual stats that show that 99% of sexual offenders are male, and the actual research that shows that cross-dressing is the most common paraphilia of convicted sex offenders, so actually men who pretend to be women (i.e. men who call themselves 'trans women') are more of a threat to women than men who don't pretend to be women.

Additionally, even if they weren't, these are men who hear our 'no' and purposefully violate our boundaries, so rape-y red flags all around.

( mathlover )
Rapists believe that "not all boundaries are valid". So of course that is what "trans" males say, since they are all rapists.

( Carrots90 )
Sir, Can you show us studies or even examples of TransWomen who have been attacked by other men for using the mens restroom?

( overanddone )
"transwomen are not and have never been any danger to ciswomen"

Tell that to the women in prisons and hospitals who have been assaulted by self-identifying "transwomen." Own the baddies who are using your cause or they will eventually bring down your cause with their behavior. They will peak the masses, in a way we could never do with our protests. (Then you too will have the not-so-very-easy job of "identifying the baddies" before they offend)



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