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[LifeFuel] My brother is in the hospital dying

I posted this a week ago: Today I am giving you guys an update on his condition.

He finally went to the hospital the day after I made my original post. After a few days he seemed to be getting better. His respiratory symptoms started to lessen. But then he started developing vascular complications which some people with corona virus get. He developed a condition called disseminated intravascular coagulation. I'm not a doctor so I don't really know how to explain what it is but basically it's when your body starts making lots and lots of blood clots. Since all of the body's blood clotting factors are wasted in making all the clots in one part of the body (he has it in his legs), the rest of the blood in the body becomes way too thin and the person can having internal bleeding. As a result of this, my brother's spleen started bleeding profusely and he had to have emergency surgery. He survived the surgery but, as a result of all the blood clots in his legs, the circulation in his legs is very poor and he might end up having to have his legs amputated. I'm serious. The doctors are currently monitoring his legs and if they don't respond to all the blood clot dissolving drugs he's been given, he will have them amputated. Aside from the vascular complications, his diabetes has also gotten out of control. Due to all the stress his body is under, his body has been producing extreme amounts of cortisol which is raising his blood sugar. His blood sugar is barely responding to the insulin they're been giving him. My dad said his blood sugar was 600 today (normal is 100 and under). He is currently unconscious and on life support. Doctors said my dad needs to prepare for the worst because his prognosis is not good.

By the way, I'm not a monster. I wouldn't wish death on him if he was a good person but he doesn't care about me at all, so why should I care about him? Death isn't even such a bad thing for him because he's had a very fulfilling life. If I could trade places and be reborn as him, i'd be willing to die in my 30's. It's better than living to be 70+ and never experiencing any of the things he has experienced. If I could've had even 1/10th of the success he's had in his life (with women, his career, etc), I'd die happy.



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