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The Slavs have been infiltrating the West since before WWII. I don’t know what kind of deal our elites made with them.

They are colonizing our lands. America, Canada, the UK, Germany, Iceland, everywhere.

Look how far they have climbed the socio-economic ladder and they’ve only been here like a generation. They will soon be the new ruling caste of the American empire.


They have cucked Germany into paying them gibs for their increasingly-rich ethnostates and push propaganda about what shitholes they are. You know the concept of a Potemkin village? They’re using it in the other direction to keep us from moving there.

Merkel is a Pole. Trump had two Slavic wives, both of whom he was distant and cold to as if to signal, “They are coming. They are joining/becoming the elite.”

Their kids are topping PISA test score charts and are all going to be working the best jobs in the future.

They are also breeding our women. Look at how our women lust after the Slavic cock:



The Slavs cucked us so hard that the word that was originally used as a pejorative for them came to mean, “a large, strong, sexually attractive man.”

The word “hunk” comes from “Bo-Hunk.” Bohemian-Hungarian. They were young, male, single Central Europeans; Czechs, Poles, Slovaks, Hungarians, Croats, Slovenians, Serbs, and Ukrainians who moved to the US during the Industrial Revolution, worked factory jobs and bred Protestant Western European pussy.

They won the Cold War. The Soviet Union's “fall”, Russia vs. Ukraine is all just more political theatre for us naive Westerners.

Are you actually retarded jew?

More disinformation from Poles. Always diverting attention to the Joos. We’re onto you Leszek. We’re not going to sit back and watch as you become the ruling caste of our societies.



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