Donald J Trump & Various commenters #wingnut #racist

(Donald J Trump)

@realdonaldtrump Remove the Jew

Cool it with the anti-semitic remarks.

@R2002hh the bolsheviks killed 70 million christians. Hitler was right. Shove it

@R2002hh Are Barrack Obama, Maxine Waters, Eric Adams, Mazie Hirono, AOC, etc. Jews?

In the absence of Jews, would those non-Jewish communists not continue to rob us blind through the same government and central bank institutions doing it now?

People crying about Jews are controlled opposition, seeking to make the communists' enemies look like assholes, and social retards.

Don't be controlled opposition or a social retard. It doesn't help.

@Justice_4_Germans @R2002hh Government and central banks are how communists enslave. Those are the enemies.

How does labeling them all Jews help?

You're not serious. No wonder they're winning.

@William_Jaeger @R2002hh (((their))) golems are always well compensated with wealth, power and all the toddlers they'd ever want to rape. #HunterBiden is a golem.

@realdonaldtrump You're gonna have to stop the jews first, Donnie boy.

@realdonaldtrump the Jews are communists…

@realdonaldtrump your support of jews is countrr productive

Call out the kikes and the blacks and I’ll start listening again

Maybe you should’ve had this talk with your kids before they married jews




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