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Any republican candidate who stops short of calling for deportations is setting you up for amnesty.

@Halp but muh based Mexican lady.... Who will 100% hate white people and push communism. " She is going to win a d+16 district, this is great" says the same fucking people who said obama was a moderate that would decrease racial tension.

I hate the gop so much, all they ever do is whatever Democrats want them to.


Like that Mexican broad in Texas, the first female Mexican Republican, who voted for amnesty for her family and friends.
She's another lying pol.

@Halp Every single illegal who came across our border must be rounded up and deported no questions asked from every city and town in this country day 1 of Trump’s next term!!!!! Beat the bushes, stop and frisk, hunt them all down and send these thugs and rapists and drug gangs and criminals back to Mexico!!!! This must be done and stop giving them money, benefits, medical, jobs, housing, anything!!!!! That’s TAXPAYER’S MONEY FUNDING ILLEGAL ACTIVITY!!!!!

Deportation should also include the children of people who came here illegally.

@Halp If the Latino vote flips to R, then the RINO whores will lineup to service Latinos.

@Garyt67 @Halp This is one both parties are our enemy. We must organize and save ourselves.

Why do these morons keep using the term "RINO"?
I've seen every Republican called a RINO at one time or another. They are kike controlled faggots and so are those that vote for any of them.

@Halp Deportation is the only way to assure these turds won't return. If Jose and Marisela (and their anchor craps) are booted out, after frittering away their life savings to get here, others turds will take heed and never make the trip.

Of course, that will never happen. Or not likely to happen, thanks to small hat wearing "friends", who are now going full blown with their kalergi plan

@Halp they will “call for” deportations until the cows come home. Calling for things is meaningless. We need to actually do.



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