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RE: Indigenous People Advance a Dramatic Goal: Reversing Colonialism

First, indigenous in Western Canada are not Eskimos. That discovery of 215 graves of supposedly indigenous children was clarified, on Twitter, by ones who discovered it. They said it's an assumption based on the soil analysis. They specifically said "it's not an x-ray". Not a single bone was discovered. But the media immediately jumped into conclusion that it was a bunch of Catholic priests in that school basically running it as a death camp. Government promised money for additional, thorough investigation and... unsurprisingly, at least 2 more "mass burial sites" were immediately "discovered". Nothing is yet confirmed, nobody knows what's in the ground. But indigenous use it to milk imbecilic Canadian government of dozens of millions.

Second. Overall, those indigenous independence movements and their progress in courts is interesting because, well, in Europe whites, peoples of Europe, are as indigenous as "First Nations" in North America, Australia and New Zealand. If courts allow indigenous in North America to basically push others away as colonizers, we will do the same in Europe about non-whites and courts won't be able to do a thing. Precedent and international law may unexpectedly help us peacefully remove non-whites and clean the space to invite Europeans (whites) from the US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand to come back to their ancestral home - Evropa.



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