omegauprising & dogpill #sexist #crackpot

[JFL] If you think that chad doesn't fuck his stacy sister.

As you know every foid gets wet when she see chad. Chad can fuck literally every foid he would like to. Chad has got pime genes so it's obvious, that his sister has got superior genes too. I think that the most of these situations happen in families when chad is older than his stacy sister. Of course thats taboo subject so you propably won't gonna find out any chad who will admit that he fucked his sister. JFL imagine normie, who is cucked by his gf brother.

jfl @ all the copers in this thread denying the incest pill

Finally someone trully blacpilled.

Surprised the incestpill is as controversial on here as some are making it out to be. I guess it's not the easiest thing to accept, similar to the dogpill. I think the problem with it is that it's one of those things that's hard to prove on video because it's not visually apparent like other things in porn, like dick size, height, race, species, gender, etc. Two people could be biologically related but you wouldn't know it based solely on footage alone, so it's easy to be skeptical about it. Similar to the dogpill, it's one of those things I could write whole chapters about, needless to say I am very much a believer in it, primarily because I've seen it with my own eyes in real life how women react around desirable, attractive men even if they're related to them. It's very real. Though sure I doubt that it happens everytime with every Chad and Stacy pair of siblings but I’m still sure it happens enough to the point normies would be shocked if they were somehow ever able to learn the true numbers ie frequency and or commonality of this sort of thing.




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