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<Sedona Ascension Retreat March 18-21 2022>
Led by presenters

$44/person: Register on the Tickets page

Friday Mystery School

Led by Mathues Imhotep, author of "The 7th Seal: Gnosis Unveiled" containing hidden knowledge about the Egyptian Mystery Schools including numerology, hermetics and techniques for ascension. The secret creation codes revealed in this workshop activate dormant DNA and awaken advanced gifts and abilities so you can serve at the highest possible level.

Friday Awakened Alchemy

Led by Dr. Celestine Star, this workshop will dive into the ancient wisdom of Kemetic-Egyptian Alchemy. Receive practical knowledge about the Supreme Forces and how they affect your life. Learn how to utilize this knowledge to work through the 7 Transformative Experiences brought on by the Supreme Forces of Creation, allowing you to elevate your life and naturally evolve into the Divine Presence your True Self on Earth.

Saturday Sound Healing

Led by Lori Lane, an advanced Sound Healer and Instructor, with multiple certifications and decades of experience using bowls, tuning forks, drumming and chimes to create the ultimate sound healing experience.

Saturday Opening to your 5D Mastery

Led by Maureen St Germain, this workshop is based on the 5D principles set forth in Maureen's best-selling book, "Waking Up in 5D." She also engages participants in practices to elevate their consciousness to 5D awareness.

Sunday Ascension Activation

Led by Devara Thunderbeat who will offer a 5D Activation using color light & sound to raise your frequency bringing you into higher states of conscious awareness. She will also offer a 12-strand DNA Activation to enhance your awareness of your past, present and future lives awakening innate gifts and abilities.



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