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The following list is a compilation of facts and intel about the world we live in. Twenty years ago, I researched some of these disclosures, and now I’m coming full circle. The proof exists, thanks to some very brave insiders. And this list only scratches the surface.

-Our planet operates by a sadistic dark force called the Cabal, often referred to as the Jesuits, Illuminati, Satanists, Annunaki, etc.
These groups use satanic rituals and believe they are the elite race. Many crimes against humanity are committed to keeping their secrets hidden.
-The Dracos are a reptilian alien race controlling the Cabal. They feed off the energy from fear, sadness, selfishness, narcissism, hatred, anger, jealousy, and depression.
-They use mind control technology to manipulate and control their subjects. This includes an onset of tiredness whenever you attempt to advance your spirituality.
-Another negative force controlling the Cabal are the Orion Confederation. They are part of the spiritual, unseen war taking place in our solar system.
- There is an underground pedophile ring that operates at the highest of levels; governments, politicians, military, police, etc.
- There are negative extraterrestrials (ETs) who abduct humans and operate human slave programs.
-In 2014, an energetic wall appeared in our solar system. This wall was to protect our solar system from the Cabal, who were -attempting to fire a superweapon at the positive spheres that arrived in our solar system in 2012 to help protect us.
-Aliens and humans live on the “dark side” of the moon (they are camouflaged.) The Earth contains underground cities and US/NATO military bases which are inhabited by humans and ETs.



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